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Minimal Room Size: 25m³


Planika - Portable fireplace - JAR

Planika - Portable fireplace - JAR

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With Accessories
Striking portable fireplace for indoor or outdoor use with a concrete base. Use it to create a feature in an outdoor space or indoors, the glass tube on top of the base reflects the flames.

The set includes:

- Glass cylinder
- Extinguisher
- Burner stands 3 pcs
- Screws 3 pcs
- Pack of matches
- fireplace bottom frame


concrete, stainless steel, toughened glass


Control options

no remonte control


Please see the fireplace
specification for sizes

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  • Volume Capacity

    3 L

  • Minimal Room Size


  • Thermal Output

    2.5 kW

  • Burn Time

    7 h

  • Application

    for indoor and outdoor use

  • Product Weight

    41.5 kg


Portable Fireplace

Clean & EfficientFire

Uses Fanola bioethanol fuel to create beautiful orange flames without smoke or soot.

Durable, lightweight design

Light enough to move to different areas, indoors or outdoors, with a robust build quality

Free standing

No connections required so can be used in all sorts of places including tabletops

Commerce Technology®

Planika's Commerce Technology uses highly absorbent ceramic fibres to hold the Fanola bioethanol which prevents spillages if the burner is dropped or tilted.

Glass Cylinder

Protects the flame from draughts and wind. Also reflects and magnifies the flames within the cylinder creating the appearance of far more flames than there really are.