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welcome to bioethanol fires

We aim to provide the best, widest and safest range of bioethanol fires available and the advice to help our customers choose the fire which is the most appropriate for the way they want to use it. We only sell fires from the top manufacturers with the highest safety standards and which we would be happy to use in our own homes.

Our range includes manual and automatic bioethanol fires and we can also provide bespoke fires for domestic and commercial interiors and exteriors. 

why buy a bioethanol fire?

Although still a relatively new phenomenon in the UK, bioethanol fires are a well established heating solution throughout mainland Europe, Scandinavia, USA and Australia. Producing only low levels of emissions they can, in general, be used without flues and chimneys to create a real fire in almost any setting. They can be used to replace traditional coal, wood and gas fires as well as being used in their own right to create a fire in places which, in the past, would have been impossible. Their use isn't limited to existing fireplaces or outside walls and their versatility is a real benefit. They are also an ideal complement to central and under floor heating systems as they provide the focal point that these systems often lack. Although often seen as purely decorative, our bioethanol fires are rated between 1 KW and 10 KW, depending on model, and can be used as a genuine heat source as well as a feature which can transform a room and give it character. The fires are really easy to use and produce a beautiful, real flame.


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