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Minimal Room Size: 70m³


Planika - Insert fireplace - FORMA 1200 TU WITH PRIME FIRE 2.0 990

Planika - Insert fireplace - FORMA 1200 TU WITH PRIME FIRE 2.0 990

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With Accessories

Zero-clearance Forma fireplace casing in a double-sided configuration - often used to link 2 rooms together or divide a big room. 1200 mm long and uses the Planika PrimeFire 2.0 990 mm intelligent bioethanol burner with app and remote control, 3-level flame regulation, automatic ignition and electronic refill pump.

The box with the Forma casing includes:
- 1x flange extension panel long
- Forma casing,
- 2x stability bracket,
- 2x Windscreen
- 2x deflector
- installation manual,
- bag with screws

The box with PRIME FIRE 2.0 990 includes:
- burner
- technical glass panel
- glass holders
- fixings
- USB service cable
- automatic fuel pump
- remote control
- installation and users manual


steel, galvanized steel, toughened glass

Finish: black powder coating

Control options

remonte and wi-fi included, SHS optional

Included Accessories


Please see the fireplace
specification for sizes

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  • Volume Capacity

    5.5 L

  • Minimal Room Size


  • Thermal Output

    7 kW

  • Burn Time


  • Application

    Indoor use only

  • Product Weight

    73.4 kg


Forma Fireplaces with PrimeFire Burner

Best build quality

The product passed extensive tests carried out by the leading certification institutes. It is manufactured according to UL standards and is O-TL certified, meeting the most demanding safety and quality requirements.

Automatic PrimeFire Burner

The Planika PrimeFire is a linear, automatic bioethanol burner in the style of the Planika FireLine Automatic 4 but at a more affordable price. It uses Planika's BEV technology which is designed to keep the flame away from the fuel reservoir and make the fire more user-friendly. The PrimeFire range of fires is remote-controlled, has 2 levels of flame, electronic ignition and an electronic filling pump making the refilling process really easy. 

Planika have recently extended the range to 4 models - 590 mm, 790 mm, 990 mm and 1190 mm. All 4 models are now available with the zero-clearance, Forma casings in all 7 configurations.

Also available as an optional extra with the PrimeFire burner range are log and stone trays, glass screens for double-sided fireplaces and a frame and glass for completely open fireplaces.

Remote Control

Control the fire with the included remote, app on your smartphone or home automation system.

Safety BEV Technology®

Net Zero fireplace with the BEV Technology®

The dedictaed toughened glass panels cover the
flame making it stable and even.

No Connections

Light up outdoor spaces with a soft, alluring glow - easily and efficiently, without cumbersome connections.


Available in a timeless black finish.

No Flue, No Chimney, No Vent

Fuelled by clean-burning Fanola bioethanol, our burners produce a beautiful orange flame without any smoke, soot or ash.

Dangerous Manual Ethanol Fireplace Vs Advanced Automatic Products

BEV Burning Ethanol Vapours Technology