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Minimal Room Size: 40m³

EcoSmart Fire

EcoSmart Fire - AB3 - Ethanol Burner - Stainless Steel

EcoSmart Fire - AB3 - Ethanol Burner - Stainless Steel

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EcoSmart Fire - AB3 - Ethanol Burner - Stainless Steel

The smallest of EcoSmart’s round ethanol burners, but no less effective. It’s the core of many freestanding, portable designer indoor and outdoor fires, but also provides the versatility to create your own – and the creative designs around the world are testament to this.

A small and popular powerhouse with a burn time of up to 11 hours.


Stainless Steel Grade 304

Dimensions and Basic Information

Width: 291mm

Depth: 101mm


Product weight: 3.7kg

Burner weight:

Included burner: ESF.B.AB3

Included Accessories

Fire Lighter

Lighting Rod

Jerry Can 5L

Bottle Adaptor

Jerry Can Spout Extension

AB3 Top Tray

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  • Volume Capacity

    2.5 L

  • Minimal Room Size


  • Thermal Output

    5800 BTU/h

  • Burn Time


  • Application

    Indoor & Outdoor

  • Product Weight



Ethanol Burners - AB Series

Top Tray

The Top Tray protects against heat transference and aids in the collection of accidental spillage. To comply with EN 16647 the Top Tray must be installed before operating the burner.

Consistent and Reliable

Its minimalist design and ability to withstand extreme heat result in consistent and reliable operation at all temperatures and permitted
fuel levels.

No Flue, No Chimney, No Vent

Fuelled by clean-burning e-NRG bioethanol our burners produce a beautiful orange flame without any smoke, soot or ash.


Fuelled by eco-friendly, readily available renewable energy – e-NRG bioethanol.

Dedicated Filling Point

A patented filling point is separated from the ignition zone and engineered so that the jerry can spout is fully supported prior to releasing the fuel supply. This eliminates the usual splash and spills that would otherwise occur when fuel is decanted into the burner while simultaneously reinforcing the maximum fill line within the burner.

Dual Function Lid

A simple lid is used to extinguish the flame and cover the burner opening when it is not in use. This prevents dust particles, leaf litter, rain and debris from falling into the 304 grade stainless steel tank, leaving it clean and safe for use year round.


Available in Stainless Steel and Black.

Easy to clean

Our bioethanol burners can be washed in hot water (or even put in your dishwasher), a key competitive difference.

AB Burner Series

The fuel capacity and heat output are the key differences between the AB8 (8L Burner) and AB3 (2.5L Burner). Both
burners have a similar burn time.

Global Compliance

All burners are OMNI-Test Laboratories Inc. listed in accordance with UL1370-16 “Standard for Unvented Alcohol Fuel Burning Decorative Appliances” in the USA, are certified by BSI in accordance with EN16647, and comply with the ACCC Safety Mandate for Australia.

Burners and e-nrg Fuel

Common Q&A's

Do they heat?

EcoSmart Fire’s indoor ethanol fireplaces are ventless, meaning all the heat stays in the room rather than escaping up a flue or chimney like it would with a traditional wood-burning fireplace. Increased heat retention also means increased fuel efficiency. EcoSmart Fire’s collection of ethanol fireplaces offer a heat output ranging from 5,000 BTU (15m2) - 20,000 BTU’s (65m2).

Are they easy to install?

EcoSmart Fires are designed to be easily installed and operated. Without the need for a flue or pipe connection, EcoSmart Fires are extremely flexible and can be incorporated at any stage of your interior decorating, renovating or building works. For detailed specifications please contact your local distributor.
Burner Installation Guide

  • Build burner cutout from non-combustible materials
  • Insert Top Tray
  • Drop in the burner

Why use an ethanol fireplace?

An ethanol fireplace is an eco-friendly and cost-effective alternative to gas fireplaces and wood burning fireplaces. Enjoy the warmth and aesthetic benefits of a traditional fireplace without the smoke, soot or ash in your home. Unlike gas fireplaces or traditional wood burning fireplaces, EcoSmart Fire’s ethanol
fireplace inserts require no venting, no gas line, no electricity - eliminating the need and cost of three sub contractors.

  • Produces a vibrant orange flame
  • Efficiency over 90%
  • Clean-burning. No smoke, no ash
  • No gas, no electricity, no flue
  • Quick and easy installation

How long will the fuel burn?

This is dependent on the burner and how it’s used, as mentioned, you are burning the vapour that evaporates from the liquid so the size of the mouth of the burner will affect this greatly. A larger more open mouth means more surface area for the ethanol fuel to evaporate from. This is also why most of our burners* will have some type of baffle or sliding baffle to increase burner efficiency; a smaller surface area for fuel to evaporate from means slower evaporation, lower heat output and better fuel efficiency. *Excluding AB3 and VB2 burners.

How do they work?

EcoSmart Ethanol Burners create a flame by burning the vapour that evaporates off of the bioethanol liquid fuel. The fuel is filled through a dedicated filling point where it flows into the fuel reservoir, which is where it is both stored and burned from; this can be seen when you open the lid on the burner.

What’s included when you purchase an EcoSmart ethanol burner?

  • Jerry Can
  • No Spill Nozzle
  • Bottle Adaptor
  • Lighter
  • Lighting Rod
  • Top Tray
  • XL Baffles (XL Burners only)
  • AB8 Efficiency Ring (AB8 Burner only)
  • Extension Spout (AB3 Burner only)

Do they need power or a flue/chimney?

Ethanol fires do not require a chimney, vent, gas line, or electricity and can be installed virtually anywhere - indoors or outdoors. This means they do not require a specialised installer and can be moved from one area to another with relative ease.

How do I fill them?

With EcoSmart Fire’s proprietary tools and procedures, filling your ethanol fireplace with e-NRG bioethanol fuel is fast and easy.

  • Step 1 - Remove the bottle nozzle cap and carefully insert into the filling point.
  • Step 2 - Push and hold the green button.The nozzle will automatically stop filling once the reservoir is full.
  • Step 3 - Replace the nozzle cap. To turn the burner off simply close the lid, this will starve the flame of oxygen and extinguish it.


How to Fill Your AB Series Burner


How to How to Fill Your Jerry Can