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Minimal Room Size: 50m³


Planika - Insert fireplace - PURE FLAME FIREPLACE

Planika - Insert fireplace - PURE FLAME FIREPLACE

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The PureFlame Fireplace has been created by Planika to insert into a piece of furniture. It consists of the fireplace casing, which can be inserted into various materials and is insulated to prevent heat transfer, and a key-locked fuel box with a control panel. The fireplace features an automatic burner with app and remote control, automatic ignition, 2-level flame control and an electronic refill pump. To give it a more traditional look, the burner is dressed with ceramic logs and mini "coals".

Automatic ethanol burner
The set includes:
- burner
- casing
- USB service cable
- decorative logs set
- control unit
- glowing fibres
- technical glass panel
- foamed glass granulate
- remote control
- cannister for fuel
- installation manual


steel, galvanized steel, tempered glass

Finish: black powder coating

Control options

remonte control

Included Accessories

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