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Charlie Oven

Charlie Charcoal Oven - Truffle

Charlie Charcoal Oven - Truffle

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Goodbye BBQ. Hello Charlie Charcoal Oven. Luxury outdoor cooking made easy.

It’s an infinitely better way to cook outdoors with charcoal. To cook all year-round - and to be a design statement in your garden. It’s just as easy and relaxing to use as it is to sit and enjoy the food and company.

Charlie is a game-changing innovation in outdoor cooking. Inspired by charcoal ovens used by professional chefs. You can set, and hold the temperature steady, for hours.  From cooking low’n’slow at 100°C, to cooking four pizzas at the same time at 400°C. Or anything in between.

Charlie is made in Britain to cope with the British weather. With proper, professional-grade materials and engineering. The oven interior and racks are constructed from stainless steel. As is all the exposed steel on the exterior. The oven is powder coated and built to last and work in snow, rain, or shine.

It’s all about hands-off cooking: with no need to stand over it, it cooks with the door shut. In goes the food; Charlie creates the magic for you. Charlie makes you feel
like a chef every time you cook.

That’s why we call it The Chef Maker.

The Charlie Oven makes it effortless to create truly incredible flavours, whatever the food, whatever the occasion, and whatever the season.


  • Nine rack cooking levels for multi-height cooking.
  • The oven interior cooking chamber and racks are made of stainless steel.
  • The grates are mild steel.
  • The exterior of the oven is weatherproof, powder-coated and UV-protected mild steel.
  • The hardware is solid stainless steel.
    The advanced insulation combines steel and ceramic wool.
  • The insulation keeps all the heat inside the oven.

Dimensions and Basic Information

Dimensions External:

  • D:60 cm, W: 62, H: 180 cm (150cm without the chimney)

Dimensions Internal:

  • D: 60 cm W: 44cm H: 63 cm


  • 160kg

What's included

The oven comes with two commercial grade cooking racks as standard.
The oven comes fully assembled and ready to use.

Cooking temperatures

  • Operating temperature range of 100°C to 400°C.
  • 15-20 minutes to reach 200-250°C temperature.
  • 30 minutes to reach 375-400°C for pizza baking.
  • Holds temperature for between 4 and 6 hours.
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Product Features

Benefits Charlie Oven Freestanding

Use all year round

Cooking outside isn’t just for BBQ season. Charlie is weatherproof and designed to work whatever the weather. Unlike top-opening barbecues or ovens, our front-opening design minimises heat loss and the impact of weather conditions.

Big & versatile

Charlie has 2.5 times the capacity of a domestic oven. It has nine cooking rack positions to allow many different cooking options. Cook indirectly (away from the fire) or directly (close to the fire). The cooking racks are professional-grade, and each oven has two racks as standard.

Easy to light

Simply build a small, loose pyramid of charcoal over one or two natural fire-lighters. Then, light the firelighters, make sure Charlie’s top and bottom air vents are open, shut the door… and leave it. In around 15-20 minutes, Charlie will be up to temperature.

Easy to operate

Charlie has only two moving parts, the upper and lower air vent control knobs. These control the airflow and thus, the oven temperature. The more air comes through the bottom vent, the hotter the charcoal will burn.

Easy to install

Charlie sits on four heavy-duty castors, the front two lockable. So, it’s not difficult to move around your lovely outdoor space.

Easy to clean

Charlie is very low maintenance. All the ash falls through into the ash drawer. Once it’s cool, simply pull it out and empty it into the bin. The racks are easily
cleaned with a wire brush. The exterior can just be cleaned with a sponge and soapy water.

Incredibly Fuel Efficient

Charlie’s sealed design and superior thermal insulation mean it uses 45% less charcoal than an open grill. As a result, one modest load of charcoal will last for four
to six hours.

Built to last

Crafted from the finest quality stainless steel, and comes with a powder-coated finish in a choice of vibrant colours. Made in Britain, Charlie is weatherproof. So not only is it highly functional, but it also makes a striking outdoor garden design statement.

Charcoal Oven

Common Q&A's

Where is the Charlie Oven made?

Made in Britain from the highest quality, commercial grade materials (for a more sustainable supply chain).

Is the Charlie Oven usable outdoors all year round?

An all-steel, heavy-duty, fully
weatherproof design with stainless steel fittings. Its front-opening door and advanced insulation minimise heat loss to the environment. The interior of the oven is all stainless steel.

Can the Charlie Oven move around?

The Charlie Oven is mounted on lockable castors that can move Charlie on hard, flat/even, weight-bearing surfaces. The castors must be locked when in use and while hot. We suggest caution when moving the Charlie Oven and suggest a minimum of two adults: one guiding the front and one pushing the back. The oven is top-heavy and must be moved slowly with support front and back during the move. Adults must only move the oven.
The oven should not be moved during use.

Does the Charlie Oven come fully assembled?

Yes, no assembly is required. Just wheel it into place, and it is ready to use.

Does the Charlie Oven come with a warranty?

Made in Britain, the Charlie Oven is weatherproof and built to last. We offer a 3-year warranty guarantee to cover all the parts and labour.

What fuel does the Charlie Oven use?

Sustainably sourced, untreated lump wood charcoal. This can be upplemented with wood or woodchips to add depth of smokiness.

Is the Charlie Oven easy to light?

Simply build a small, loose pyramid of charcoal over one or two natural, untreated firelighters. Light the firelighters, make sure the top and bottom vents are open, shut the door… and leave it. In around 30 minutes, it will be up to temperature.

How do you control the Charlie Oven’s temperature?

Temperature is primarily controlled by airflow: the more air coming through the bottom vent, the hotter the charcoal will burn. Once it has almost reached the temperature you want, close the bottom vent, and partly close the top vent, and the temperature will hold. To increase it again, open the bottom vent and add more charcoal if needed.

Does the Charlie Oven get hot on the outside when it’s in operation?

The outside of the oven reaches a maximum of around 60°C when it reaches temperatures over 300°C on the inside. The insulation keeps all the heat inside the cooking chamber, making it very efficient. The chimney can get up to 300°C + on the outside.

What’s multi-height cooking?

One of its unique features – due to its sheer volume and its design - is its ability to cook a large volume at the same time, on different racks in the oven, with the ability to set the lowest rack just above the burning charcoal to sear with flame. There are nine different heights of rack brackets. Each rack is large enough to accommodate a full-sized gastronorm tray.

Is the Charlie Oven easy to clean?

Very low maintenance. All the ash generated by cooking falls through into the ash drawer. Once it’s cool, simply pull it out and empty it into the bin. The stainless-steel racks are easily cleaned with a wire brush; or water and detergent. The exterior can just be cleaned with a sponge and soapy water.

What are the delivery lead times?

If the colour you choose is in stock, the Charlie Oven can be delivered within 7 working days of your order. If the colour you choose is not in stock, one will be manufactured for you and delivered within 2-4 weeks of your order.


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