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Bio Ethanol Fires
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Wall Mounted Bio Ethanol Fires

Wall mounted bioethanol fires and fireplaces

Free Standing Bio Ethanol Fires

These fires can be installed without building work

Outdoor Bio Ethanol Fires

Designed for outdoor use but also suitable for indoors

Built in Bio Ethanol Fires

The finish that can be achieved with a flueless fireplace can't be matched by traditional gas fires. Are you looking for a bioethanol burner that can be built in or perhaps added to another more open unit? We have a range of fires suitable for your project

Bio Ethanol Fireplace Combustion Block

Build a stylish Bio Ethanol Combustion Block into your project and benefit from a flue-less fireplace design.

Bio Ethanol Fuel

Fanola bioethanol - The only fuel recommended for Planika's FireLine Automatic range

Manual Burners

Manual burners require no hard connections

Automatic Burners

Planika's automatic fires control ignition, flame height and refilling

EcoSmart Flex

The EcoSmart Flex series of casings give flexibility and easy installation with 173 casing and burner options

why buy a bioethanol fire from us?

We've been involved with bio ethanol fireplaces for over 10 years and have seen the technology evolve from basic manual burners to the latest automatic fires. We work with the worlds' best manufacturers and have the expertise to help you choose the right fire for your domestic or commercial fireplace and the knowledge to help you install it.


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