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Creating distinctive social settings that are welcoming and feel like ‘home’ is a vital trend across myriad architectural environments – from commercial to hospitality to residential. Because bioethanol is a clean-burning fuel source you don’t need a flue or chimney at all. This means that you can create a beautiful fireplace feature with ease. The linear features and absolute versatility of the XL1200 burner lends itself to the creation of stunning architectural masterpieces.

The longest of the EcoSmartFire burners, the XL1200 can be used indoors or outdoors to create a stunning long flame. It can be used on it’s own to build into all different styles of fireplaces or used in the Flex range of fireplace casings. Made of heavy duty stainless steel, the EcoSmartFire XL range of burners are fully safety certified for use in the UK and EU. Please check room size requirements when ordering this fire.


construction Stainless Steel Grade 304
dimensions H: 125.3, L: 12.4 (cm), W: 24.8
in or outdoor Indoor & Outdoor
manufacturer EcoSmart Fire
burner top finish Ceramic Black, Stainless Steel
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