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The FireLine Automatic 3 and FireLine Automatic 3 Plus by Planika is the most technically advanced bio fire in the world and is ideal to create the hole in the wall look below a TV, between 2 rooms or as a standalone fire set into almost any piece of furniture. You can also use one of Planika Forma casing inserts which makes it a fairly simple job to build it into stud work or bespoke joinery. We can supply full installation manuals, construction guidance and advice including how to install the fire below a TV.

The FLA3 and FLA3 Plus are available in 6 standard lengths – 790 mm, 990 mm, 1190 mm, 1490 mm, 1990 mm and 2490 mm – as well as made to measure options. The FLA3 Plus incorporates an extended reservoir which increases the burn time by up to 3 times. Other options include stainless steel or RAL colouring for the top of the burn and a Smart Home module.

We work closely with architects, interior designers, developers and the construction trade so contact us for B2B information. We’re the leading Planika distributors in the UK and have been involved in hundreds of FLA3 installations. We can help you to bring your design to reality and work with Planika to ensure a safe installation.

The Planika FLA3 is wifi enabled so can be controlled from home management systems, Smartphones or tablets. Packed with safety features and automatic controls, the FLA 3 uses Planika’s BVT technology to pipe the bioethanol vapours to the fire. The FLA 3 is a sophisticated piece of engineering and we work with Planika’s technicians to provide CAD drawings and to give advice as to where you can and can’t use the fire.


burner capacity 7.5 Litres
burning time 4 to 10 Hours
casing construction Galvanized Steel
construction Brushed Stainless Steel / RAL Colours
electricity Yes
flame regulation 6 Stages
heat output 5 to 11 Kw
in or outdoor Indoor
manufacturer Planika
minimum room size 112 Cubic Metres
style Built In
burner length Burner Length 1190 mm, Burner Length 1490 mm, Burner Length 1990 mm, Burner Length 2490 mm, Burner Length 790 mm, Burner Length 990 mm
burner top finish Black Matt Standard Burner Top Finish, RAL Finish For Burner Top
smart home module Smart Home Module Not Required, Smart Home Module Required
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