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PrimeFire Automatic in Casing

PrimeFire Automatic in Casing

The PrimeFire Automatic bioethanol fire by Planika is available in 700 mm and 1000 mm lengths. It's the ideal fire to create the contemporary hole in the wall look either on it's own or below a TV. If bought with it's casing, it's a fairly simple task to build into stud work or built into an existing chimney breast brickwork. We can supply full installation manuals and construction guides as well as inspiration gleaned from hundreds of previous projects.

The PrimeFire uses Planika's revolutionary BEV (Burning Ethanol Vapours) technology. BEV improves the burning process of bioethanol and improves safety with numerous automatic safety features. The PrimeFire has an easy to use control panel with eco and standard flame modes and several safety features plus an option for a remote control. It also has Planika's automatic pump filling system which makes the refilling process quick, easy and clean.

The PrimeFire Automatic is available with or without a casing and has options for remote control, frame for the casing and a small glass upriser to protect the flame. Please be aware of the minimum room size required for this fire - contact us and we will work with you to ensure that this model is suitable for your home.

We regularly work with architects, interior designers, developers and the construction trade so contact us for B2B information.

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 Built In
Indoor or Outdoor:
Control Method:
 784 x 430 x 303 (L x H x D) in mm
Heat Output:
 4 Kw Maximum
Burner Capacity:
 2.75 Litres
Burning Time:
 5 Hours Maximum
Minimum Room Size:
 31 or 56 Cubic Meters
Burner Construction & Finish:
 Powder Coated Steel
Casing Construction & Finish:
 Galvanized & Powder Coated Steel
Electricity Supply Required:
Colour Options Available?:
PrimeFire in casing by Planika
PrimeFire in casing by Planika
PrimeFire in casing by Planika

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