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Planika is a world-renowned manufacturer of bio ethanol fires, with over 15 years’ experience at the top of the industry and fires installed in over 80 countries. With their patented BEV Technology™, they are constantly striving to create innovative, safer and more attractive products for homes, commercial buildings and more. This technology allows for the production of real flames as good as those from burning wood. Heat is also produced but unlike with wood, there are no harmful emissions, meaning you don’t need a flue or chimney, allowing you to have a fire in any room of your home.

As well as being present in homes and hotels all over the world, a Planika fire became the very first bioethanol fire on a yacht, fitting their flagship Fire Line Automatic 3 in the Serenity – Mondomarine SF40 Superyacht. If a Planika fire is good enough for one of the most luxurious yachts in the world, imagine how one will add to the look of your home.

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Do you want the unparalleled luxury of a Planika fireplace for your home or project? As well as being a stunning addition to any room, a Planika fireplace produces zero harmful emissions, requires no flue or chimney and is easier to install and use than a woodburning stove. is an official Planika supplier that delivers throughout the UK. If you want to have a look at a Planika fire before you buy, we have a physical store in Altrincham, Cheshire where we have a selection of models on display. If you want to find out more about our range of Planika bio ethanol fires, get in touch today and a representative will give you all the information you need. Give us a call on 0161 929 1870 to speak to someone sooner.

What are the benefits of a Planika bioethanol fire?

In short, a Planika fire gives you everything you would expect from a conventional fireplace. But better. There are no harmful fumes, no need for a chimney and they are even easier to use. Because they don’t need to be connected to a chimney, they can be made use of in more exciting ways. They can be placed in the centre of a room unlike a conventional fire hamstrung by the need for a chimney.

Have you ever wanted the comfort of a real fire without the hassle of preparing wood to burn and keeping it going?

Planika fires give you exactly that. Instead of having to chop wood and place it in the fire, you simply have to put bio ethanol fuel into the burner and enjoy hours of mesmerising, golden flames. Many newer Planika models even have an automatic filling system for even more ease. Different Planika models have different-sized fuel tanks and so vary how long they burn for. Most will burn for up to 6 hours, and the largest (FLA 3 XL) is capable of burning for up to 42 hours.

Have you ever considered what harm a wood burning fire does to the environment and those nearby?

2017’s London Atmospheric Emissions Inventory found that 95% of London had levels of Particulate PM2.5 exceeding the limit deemed safe by the World Health Organization by 50% or more. Particulate PM2.5 refers to the air pollutant considered to have the greatest impact on human health. In the study, it was discovered that up to a third of London’s particulate pollution could be attributed to burning wood. This led to a proposed ban on wood burning stoves. So, by choosing a Planika bioethanol fire instead, not only are you doing less harm to the environment, but also pre-empting any new restrictions that may come in concerning log burners.

Planika fires boast the cleanest combustion process among even other ethanol fireplaces. Patented BEV Technology™ gives off very little in the way of emissions. There’s little smell, and no smoke or ash. All that is produced is water, heat and a negligible amount of carbon dioxide. In fact, depending on the size of the fire, it’s not much different from having another person breathing in your home.

Wish you could have more choice of where to put one?

Because of the lack of harmful emissions, Planika bioethanol fires don’t require a chimney or flue. So, you can place one in any room you like.

You’re even able to move some smaller Planika fires, so you can simply carry it through to a different room if you think it might look better or you want to watch the flames from somewhere else.

With the right bioethanol fuel, Planika fires give no smell. While the smell of a wood burning stove can be pleasant, there are numerous things that can result in an unpleasant sulphur or chemical smell which you can avoid by choosing a bio ethanol fire. Ethanol fireplaces are capable of producing unpleasant smells, the level of odour is dependent on the quality of the fuel used. Planika itself recommends you use Fanola Premium bioethanol fuel, which is a highly-refined, renewable ethanol of plant origin that results in minimal smell when burned.

Are flames from bio ethanol fires real?

You may think that with less harmful emissions you might get a lower quality of flame, but this is not the case. Despite producing fewer emissions than fire generated from different fuels, Planika bioethanol fires are able to create natural, golden flames. Because the fuel burned in bioethanol fires is of different chemical composition to wood, the flames produced look slightly different, appearing more gentle and subdued.

The flames produced by Planika freestanding fires are vibrant and eye-catching, suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, commercial and residential. The fires come in a variety of sizes and designs from simple combustion blocks that can be slotted into an existing fireplace, to more ornamental designs aesthetically pleasing in their own right.

Some of the more advanced Planika fireplaces can be connected to WiFi and controlled remotely for further ease of use. Not only can you turn them on or off from a distance, but you can also adjust flame size.

Do they produce heat?

Typically they don’t provide as much heat as conventional fireplaces, which usually give off between 6 and 9kw of heat. However, this varies depending on the particular model of bioethanol fire and how much ethanol you burn. Our range of fires includes models that are capable of producing between 2 Kw and 11 Kw of heat depending on the setting, so giving off almost as much heat as a traditional fireplace but without needing a chimney.

Are the fires safe?

Planika fires are incredibly safe to use. While the flames they create are real, there are various measures in place to stop danger from arising. There is no direct contact between fuel and flame, which stops fires getting out of hand. Most Planika models comes fitted with various sensors to ensure safety including a temperature sensor, tilt sensor, child lock and CO2 sensor all to ensure the safe operation of the fire.

With any kind of fireplace, it’s important to purchase a quality product. Many bioethanol fires do not go through the same stringent safety checks as Planika products (Planika fires all hold TÜV, UL and ULC certification), so if you get an inferior product at a lower cost, you may be putting yourself and anyone that gets near the fire in danger.

Why buy Planika from

We've probably got more experience of bioethanol fires than anyone else in the UK having been supplying them since 2008 - a long time in such a young industry. The range and scale of projects that we've been invloved in will almost certainly include something similar to your project. So, we have a great deal of experience as a Planika stockist supplying fires for various settings.

Such as:

  • Burners - the burner is a bioethanol fire in its most basic form. Burners are versatile and can be placed in hearths, built into walls, or have furniture designed around them.

  • Free standing -  They require no flue, chimney or other connection so can be placed wherever you want, unlike conventional fireplaces.

  • Outdoor - Planika fires are available in weather-resistant materials specifically for outdoor use, making them perfect additions to your garden.

Where can you buy Planika Bio Ethanol Fires? supply Planika fireplaces to both commercial and residential customers. We deal with homeowners, architects, interior designers and developers to ensure they get the best fireplace for their specific project. Our experience and close relationship with manufacturers allows us to advise you on the best product for your situation based on factors including desired function, budget, room size and more.

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Although Planika bioethanol fires are easier to look after than wood-burning fires, care and maintenance are still important. So, we make sure to offer the best advice and support to help you keep your new fire in excellent condition.

As well as furnishing your home with a new fire, we also supply the bioethanol fuel required to keep it burning. We are stockists of Fanola premium bioethanol fuel, which is sustainable, renewable and of plant origin. If you’re on the UK mainland we’re able to deliver this to you within two working days so you never have to run out.

We deliver all over the UK and Ireland. If you’d like to come and have a look before you buy, our physical store in Altrincham, Cheshire is open Monday to Saturday 9.30am to 5.00pm.

Why not add a touch of luxury to your home, hotel, restaurant, bar or whatever else? If there’s anything you want to know about Planika bioethanol fires, get in touch and one of our representatives will be happy to fill you in. Give us a call on 0161 929 1870 to speak to someone now.

Our address is: 12 The Downs, Altrincham WA14 2PU


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