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FireBox 720CV by EcoSmartFire

FireBox 720CV by EcoSmartFire

The FireBox 720CV (Curve) is designed to improve on the traditional fireplace. The curved design radiates the heat outwards and improves fuel efficiency. Four sizes are available in the Curve series, all using EcoSmartFire's tried and tested manual bioethanol burners. Suitability will depend on room size - see overview for sizes or contact us for more information. Suitable for indoor or outdoor use, the Curve series come with a sliding glass screen for safety and which also acts as a windshield to protect the flame. The FireBox CV range are zero clearance fireplaces so installation is relatively quick and easy with no chimney or flue required - we have full installation and construction manuals available. The steel finish enables the FireBox Curve series to be used with a variety of building materials to create either traditional or contemporary interiors or exteriors. EcoSmartFire are the world leaders in manual bioethanol burners.
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 Wall Hung / Built In
Indoor or Outdoor:
 Indoor or Outdoor
Control Method:
  930 mm x 700 x 359 (L x H x D)
Heat Output:
 3.4 Kw
Burner Capacity:
 5 Litres
Burning Time:
 10 - 13 Hours
Minimum Room Size:
 80 Cubic Metres
Burner Construction & Finish:
 Stainless Steel
Casing Construction & Finish:
 Mild Steel and Toughened Glass
Electricity Supply Required:
Colour Options Available?:
Curve 720CV by EcoSmart
Curve 720CV by EcoSmart
Curve 720CV by EcoSmart
Curve 720CV by EcoSmart
Curve 720CV by EcoSmart

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