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Outdoor Bio Ethanol Fires

Designed for outdoor use but also suitable for indoors

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Martini Fire Table by EcoSmart View

Martini Fire Table by EcoSmartFire

Manhattan Fire Table by EcoSmart View

Manhattan Fire Table by EcoSmartFire

Base Fire Table by EcoSmart View

Base Fire Table by EcoSmartFire

Wharf Fire Table by EcoSmart View

Wharf Fire Table by EcoSmartFire

Simple Commerce Outdoor/Indoor Bioethanol Burner View

Simple Commerce Fire by Planika

Mix 600 - The Grounds View

Mix 600 Fire Pit by EcoSmartFire

Totem Commerce by Planika in pool View

Totem Commerce by Planika

Jar Commerce bioethanol fire View

Jar Commerce by Planika

Cosmo Fire Table by EcoSmart View

Cosmo Fire Table by EcoSmartFire

Mix850 & Mix600 - Stone Lotus Landscapes/Creative Events Photography View

Mix 850 Fire Pit by EcoSmartFire

Ark Fire Table by EcoSmart View

Ark 40 Fire Table by EcoSmartFire

Pod 40 Fire Table by EcoSmart View

Pod40 Fire Table by EcoSmartFire

Tondo Commerce bioethanol firepit by Planika View

Tondo Commerce by Planika

Faro Commerce bioethanol fire by Planika View

Faro Commerce by Planika

Pod 40 Fire Table by EcoSmart View

Pod30 Fire Table by EcoSmartFire

Gustav Commerce View

Gustav Commerce by Planika

Curve 720CV by EcoSmart View

FireBox 720CV by EcoSmartFire

Curve 920CV by EcoSmart View

FireBox 920CV by EcoSmartFire

Curve 1100CV by EcoSmart Courtesy Max Brenner View

FireBox 1100CV by EcoSmartFire

Stix Outdoor Fire By EcoSmart in Black View

Stix Outdoor Bioethanol Fire by EcoSmart

Cosmo by GlammFire in Corten Steel View

Cosmo by GlammFire

Cyl by EcoSmart View

Cyl by EcoSmartFire

Glow by EcoSmart at Chelsea Flower Show View

Glow by EcoSmartFire

Mini T by EcoSmart - Avalon NSW View

Mini T by EcoSmartFire

Lighthouse by EcoSmartFire View

Lighthouse by EcoSmartFire


Outdoor Fires

Our purpose-built outdoor fires can be used to create a magical atmosphere in an outdoor living space. Really easy to use, our variety of styles will enhance any outdoor areas including terraces and balconies, as well as being ideal for pool and spa areas. 


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