GlammFire Bioethanol Fires

Founded in 2008 in Monção in northern Portugal by French designer Marcelo Alves Inacio, GlammFire is a manufacturer of beautiful bio ethanol fires ideal for a number of different applications. is a UK GlammFire supplier, see our range to buy here.

An award-winning business, GlammFire has fireplaces in prestigious locations across 50 different countries. They have featured in Forbes Magazine as well as countless others internationally. GlammFire products have also featured at luxury events including the 2012 Spring Summer Aura Tout Vu haute couture fashion show.

GlammFire set out with the goal of designing and manufacturing unique fireplaces with a commitment to the environment, producing more eco-friendly alternatives to traditional fireplaces that fulfil both heating and decorative purposes.

At we stock a range of GlammFire products from stylish ceiling mounted bio ethanol fires, to models suitable for water features and swimming pools, coffee table fires, and simple burners.

Where can I install a GlammFire bio ethanol fire?

Virtually anywhere. In just a few minutes, you can have most GlammFire bio ethanol fires installed in any room, be it a bedroom, kitchen, bathroom or even outdoors. Although they are suitable in a number of different settings, it’s advisable to make sure there is plenty of room and ventilation wherever you do choose to install them.

There’s no need for a flue or chimney because they don‘t produce any harmful emissions. More elaborate products such as the ceiling mounted models or those that function in water may take longer to set up, but that doesn’t limit where you can put them.

Whether we install them for you or you do it yourself, the instruction manual clearly explains the process which requires no specialist skills.

If you suddenly decide that your GlammFire bio ethanol fire will look better in a different room or even outdoors, that’s not a problem, because it doesn’t require a flue or chimney you can easily move it to wherever you think is best. Though it is advisable to not move it while it’s burning.

You can even incorporate one into your existing fireplace, if there’s enough room a GlammFire bio ethanol fire can simply go where your traditional fireplace was and provide a hassle-free, eco-friendly alternative. The careful design of GlammFire bio ethanol fires and burners means they can also combine with items of furniture and masonry.

Do GlammFire bio ethanol fires produce real flames?

Yes, the flames are real. The only thing that’s different is the fuel source for the fire which means they don’t let off any harmful emissions.

They use bio ethanol fuel which is a completely renewable fuel source. It’s also referred to as a ‘clean’ fuel source, as the only things produced when it burns are heat, carbon dioxide and water vapour.

At we recommend and supply Fanola bio ethanol fuel - awarded the EcoFuel certificate for high standards of safety for both humans and the environment.

Do GlammFire bio ethanol fires produce heat?

Yes they do, and because there’s no chimney for heat to escape from, all heat produced stays in the room. GlammFire products typically produce enough to heat a 35m² room.

With GlammFire bioethanol fires, you can even regulate the intensity of the flame. So, you can turn it up or down depending on what you want. The process of doing so varies from model to model, but is clearly explained in the instructions for each one.

Are they safe and do they require a lot of upkeep?

Bio ethanol fires by GlammFire are low maintenance, requiring little upkeep or cleaning. In most cases they can easily be cleaned with household cleaning products if required

GlammFire bio ethanol fires are rigorously tested to ensure the utmost safety for all users. Tilt tests are carried out to make sure the fireplace isn’t susceptible to fuel spillage, as well as mounting and shock tests to make sure the fire stays in place and can withstand reasonable knocks.

How do I order a GlammFire bio ethanol fire?

From We are a GlammFire UK supplier and have a range of GlammFire products available to order online, all you need to do is find the one you like and order it. We supply to both residential and commercial customers so, whether you’re a homeowner, an interior designer, architect or developer we could have the perfect GlammFire product for you.

Want to have a look before you buy? We have a physical store in Altrincham, Cheshire where we stock several GlammFire bio ethanol fires for you to sample. We’re open Monday to Saturday 9.30am - 5.00pm.

Just like GlammFire, has been in business since 2008. Since then we’ve supplied bio ethanol fires all over the UK and Ireland. Our decade of experience allows us to help you get the best fire for your project

We also stock the bio ethanol fuel necessary to make your new GlammFire fire work. If you’re on the UK mainland, we’ll have fuel delivered to you in two working days.

Anything we didn’t cover? Get in touch and we’ll be more than happy to help answer any GlammFire queries you may have.


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