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Delivery charge for fires

When you have placed your order for your fire, we'll ring you back and give you an estimated delivery date.This will usually be about 4 weeks. Nearer the time, we will confirm the delivery date with you. Our standard delivery charge for most fires is £50. If you live in a particularly remote location, we may have to charge you more. However, we don't intend to make a profit from delivery so we will charge you a genuine amount.


Delivery charge for Fanola bioethanol fuel

When you order Fanola Premium bioethanol fuel directly on the website, it will calculate your delivery charge based on your postcode and quantity of fuel you order. The delivery charge, per box, will usually reduce for 2 boxes and reduce again, per box, for 3 to 5 boxes. We don't supply more than 100 litres at a time through the website because, if you need this sort quantity, we would want to talk to you about safe storage. Also, for greater quantities, we may be able to get a better delivery rate for you. If you email us at or ring us on 0161 929 1870 and give us your address and postcode, we will be able to give you an accurate quote for delivery. We don't make a profit from delivery charges and genuinely charge you what we get charged. We think our Fanola is the best you can get in the world in terms of performance and lack of odour and we try to keep the price competitive. You can also arrange to collect bioethanol from us although we do need a few days notice to ensure we have stock for you to collect.


Combustion Blocks

Combustion blocks are bioethanol burners which can be used to create a fire or fireplace in almsot any situation. They can often simply be sat on a hearth or can be built into various suitable materials to create a bespoke bio ethanol fireplace.


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