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AB8R Burner by EcoSmart

AB8R Burner by EcoSmart

The AB8R bioethanol burner from EcoSmart is a circular burner with a circular flame hole which creates a big, central flame. At 402 mm diameter, this compact burner produces a fabulous, consistent flame which burns for between 9 hours and 11 hours from 8 litres of fuel. This makes it an ideal burner for commercial projects as well as bigger residential projects and outdoor use. For smaller projects and room sizes, please see the EcoSmart AB3. Contact us for details of how to use and install the AB8R and design ideas. Burner top finish available in brushed stainless steel and black. The EcoSmart range of burners and fires have tested against a number of global standards and certified for use in the UK and EU in accordance with EN16647. Please note room size requirements when ordering this burner.
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 Built In
Indoor or Outdoor:
 Indoor and Outdoor
Control Method:
 360 mm x 152 x 360 (L x H x W - Round)
Heat Output:
 6 Kw
Burner Capacity:
 8 Litres
Burning Time:
 7 to 11 Hours
Minimum Room Size:
 116 Cubic Metres
Burner Construction & Finish:
 Stainless Steel
Electricity Supply Required:
Colour Options Available?:
EcoSmart AB8 Stainless Steel
EcoSmart AB8 Stainless Steel
EcoSmart AB8 Stainless Steel
EcoSmart AB8 Stainless Steel
EcoSmart AB8 Stainless Steel
EcoSmart AB8 Black
EcoSmart AB8 Black

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