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Built in Bio Ethanol Fires

The finish that can be achieved with a flueless fireplace can't be matched by traditional gas fires. Are you looking for a bioethanol burner that can be built in or perhaps added to another more open unit? We have a range of fires suitable for your project

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Burner 5 By GlammFire View

Burner 5 By GlammFire

Burner 1 by GlammFire View

Burner 1 by GlammFire

Curve 920CV by EcoSmart View

FireBox 920CV by EcoSmartFire

Curve 1100CV by EcoSmart Courtesy Max Brenner View

FireBox 1100CV by EcoSmartFire

Curve 720CV by EcoSmart View

FireBox 720CV by EcoSmartFire

FireBox 650CV View

FireBox 650CV by EcoSmartFire

AB3 bioethanol burner by EcoSmart View

AB3 Burner by EcoSmartFire

EcoSmart AB8 Stainless Steel View

AB8R Burner by EcoSmartFire

EcoSmart BK5 bioethanol burner View

BK5 Burner by EcoSmartFire

EcoSmart XS340 Stainless Steel View

XS340 Burner by EcoSmartFire

EcoSmart XL500 Stainless Steel View

XL500 Burner by EcoSmartFire

EcoSmart XL700 View

XL700 Burner by EcoSmartFire

EcoSmart XL900 Stainless Steel View

XL900 Burner by EcoSmartFire

EcoSmart XL1200 bioethanol burner stainless steel View

XL1200 Burner by EcoSmartFire

L-Fire Insert and Casing View

L-Fire Insert in Casing by Planika

L-Fire Grate and Casing View

L-Fire Grate by Planika

PrimeFire in Casing View

PrimeFire Automatic by Planika


Built-in fires

Built-in burners can be used to create a fire as a permanent feature within a room. They are often built into a wall under a TV to create an alternative focal point or used as a divider between 2 rooms. As the burners can be built-in to many different materials, they can be made to be quite inconspicuous and used to complement many different interior styles. We have a variety of lengths and heat outputs to suit different rooms and interiors and we can help find the best burner to suit your ideas.


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