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Contact us for the full range of GlammFire bioethanol and gas fires and fire pits.

Find out more about the GlammFire brand and why you should choose one of their fires here.

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Cosmo by GlammFire in Corten Steel View

Cosmo by GlammFire

Perola by GlammFire in Lacquered Black Steel View

Perola by GlammFire

Vulcanu table bioethanol fire by GlammFire View

Vulcanu by GlammFire

Burner 1 by GlammFire View

Burner 1 by GlammFire

Burner 5 By GlammFire View

Burner 5 By GlammFire

Flut by GlammFire View

Flut by GlammFire

Baco bioethanol fire by GlammFire View

Baco By GlammFire

Milwood by GlammFire in Oak and White View

Milwood by GlammFire


Wall Mounted Fires

Our wall mounted bio ethanol fireplaces are complete units including surrounds and burners and are all fully insulated to prevent excessive heat transfer to the receiving wall. Fitting is relatively simple, usually by means of a fixed wall bracket, making them easy to fit and easy take with you if you move home. Because they don't need a flue or chimney, they aren't restricted to being hung on outside walls or chimney breasts. 


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