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Combustion Block L Bioethanol Burner

Combustion Block L Bioethanol Burner

The Combustion Block L bioethanol burner by Direct Cheminee is designed to give a long line of fire without the need for a flue or chimney. It can be built in to a wall, a piece of furniture or simply set in to a hearth and, although the burner comes in a second skin as standard, we can also supply a bespoke size skin to fill a specific space. Use the Combustion Block L to create a fire between 2 rooms or construct a piece of furniture to give a fire focal point in the middle of a room. At 571 mm, this burner will also fit in many traditional fireplace spaces. Contact us for ideas. NOW AVAILABLE WITH A BESPOKE CASING - CONTACT US FOR DETAILS
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 Built In
Indoor or Outdoor:
Control Method:
 571 x 99 x 169 (L x H x D) in mm
Heat Output:
 7 KW
Burner Capacity:
 5 Litres
Burning Time:
 7 to 10 hours
Burner Construction & Finish:
 Heavy Duty Stainless Steel
Casing Construction & Finish:
 Stainless or Powder Coated Steel
Electricity Supply Required:
 Direct Cheminee
Colour Options Available?:
Combustion Block Large bioethanol burner

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We've been involved with bio ethanol fireplaces for nearly 10 years and have seen the technology evolve from basic manual burners to the latest automatic fires. We're confident that our range of fires is the best available and that we have the expertise to help you choose the right fire for your project.


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