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Bio Ethanol Fireplace Combustion Block

Build a stylish Bio Ethanol Combustion Block into your project and benefit from a flue-less fireplace design.

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Rondo Commerce View

Rondo Commerce by Planika

Burner 5 By GlammFire View

Burner 5 By GlammFire

EcoSmart BK5 bioethanol burner View

BK5 Burner by EcoSmart

AB3 bioethanol burner by EcoSmart View

AB3 Burner by EcoSmart

EcoSmart AB8 Stainless Steel View

AB8R Burner by EcoSmart

EcoSmart XS340 Stainless Steel View

XS340 Burner by EcoSmart

EcoSmart XL500 Stainless Steel View

XL500 Burner by EcoSmart

EcoSmart XL700 View

XL700 Burner by EcoSmart

EcoSmart XL900 Stainless Steel View

XL900 Burner by EcoSmart

EcoSmart XL1200 bioethanol burner stainless steel View

XL1200 Burner by EcoSmart

VB Burner by EcoSmart View

VB2 Replacement Burner

L-Fire Grate and Casing View

L-Fire Grate by Planika

L-Fire Insert and Casing View

L-Fire Insert in Casing by Planika

Hot Box Automatic bioethanol fire by Planika View

HotBox by Planika

PrimeFire in Casing View

PrimeFire Automatic by Planika


why buy a bioethanol fire from us?

We've been involved with bio ethanol fireplaces for over 10 years and have seen the technology evolve from basic manual burners to the latest automatic fires. We work with the worlds' best manufacturers and have the expertise to help you choose the right fire for your domestic or commercial fireplace and the knowledge to help you install it.


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